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Hansken is alive and kicking

oktober 20, 2009 2 reacties

Michael Byron is an American artist who is fascinated by elephants. He started The Elephanta Project on Facebook to share his love with others [].

On his way back home from an elephant trip to India – you can see some wonderful pictures on Facebook – Michael spent some time in Amsterdam.  He arranged to meet Michiel Roscam Abbing, the author of Rembrandt’s Elephant.

Michael said really loved the book and that was the start of a vivid conversation, filmed by George, a friend of Michael’s. Some of the footage will be posted on the Elephanta Project pages on Facebook.

Some four hundred years after our dear Hansken performed her tricks all around Europe, she is alive and kicking. In the US, in the Americain Hotel in Amsterdam, where the interview took place, and online.

Online you find an impression of the book Michiel Roscam Abbing wrote on the most famous elephant of the 17th century [].